Art events to attend in London

Art is enigma of communication that can be used by anyone who has the skills and ability to express themselves through art. Lovers of art find it intriguing that a diagram drawn in an artistic manner can be used to communicate to any number of people regardless of the time that elapses before the art imagery is unmapped.

The Great Age of the Seljuqs at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


It displays works of art whose creation dates back to the period between 11th and thirteenth centuries. Seljuqs were the creators of the art. Seljuqs refers to a Turkish empire whose descent is Central Asian. The short reign of Seljuqs brought about economic and cultural revolution as well as tremendous triumph in technology and science. Over 270 objects made of wood, glass, paper, ceramics, stucco, and various textiles. All the aforementioned collections are on loan advanced by private and public entities in London, Europe and other Middle East countries.

The Neo naturists


Though a lot of performance art was done naked between the 1970s and 1980s, none of those former art presentations can beat the display that the Neo Naturists made. The discrepancy between the art of Neo Naturists and other groups like Coum Transmissions was that Neo Naturists approached art from a free form and the expressions were explicit. Nude female artists participated a lot.

Neo Naturists group was formed by St Martin’s School of Art graduates in collaboration with Binnie and Wilma who were sisters. The canvasses used were their bodies, and some swirling patterns covered their bodies, and then they would throw themselves into some performances that were unplanned. This was a display of gloopy mayhem and paganism. The group is on record saying that they accept traditions that are age-old. The group has excellent documenters. Their films and some performances which are on record are available for perusal by any visitor to their library.

Ragnar Kjartansson


Ten male performers are on record playing guitar, singing as they sip beer. A soft focus sex scene is seen behind pitting a plumber and a housewife. The title of the work is “Take Me Here”. Kjartansson brings out a slightly preposterous figure. He was born to a bohemian family in 1976, and he has numerous works to his name. Some of his works include The Visitors (he did in 2012, where he is filmed seated in a bath as he croons and strums his guitar), Death and the Children (he did in 2002, where his dressing code matches that of a Grim Reaper, and he moves near to a group of school children and shouts to them that he is death! The children laugh at him instead of running away.) He doesn’t loathe making others look stupid. He is accredited with the act of telling a joke too many times that it becomes painfully funny to the subject or is it funny painfully? He pushes things to the extreme. That is his world even in art. He leaves nothing to chance as he tries to prove a point in art.


Exhibitions of contemporary art in London

West End in London houses some of the most celebrated art galleries of the modern world ranging from photography to metalwork. You cannot visit just a single gallery since the galleries contain works of artists who are based in London and others who are accredited internationally. You are literally spoilt for choice. You cannot just settle on one since the next is best than the previous. Your concentration is called upon as well as your specifications in choosing any work of art from the galleries on display. It sounds surreal that you can’t choose a single work of fine art from a given collection, doesn’t it? Check out the description of a few of them here:

Alan Cristea Gallery


The same street is split across so as to host the gallery. Exhilarating displays of exhibitions are then placed on each side of the split street for you to choose. From being a new gallery in 1995, West London galleries rose to become the main publisher of modern arts, prints, and editions in Europe. The two streets carry art works that range from sculpture, modern paintings, visual installations, and works on paper. Some of the displays here are placed on the two streets for some considerable period of time since people take time to understand the message being passed before settling on a particular piece of art. AS mentioned earlier, you do not just pick a piece of art and leave without first perusing to ascertain that whatever you have picked is best for the message you need. It all boils down to you. Some of the works that have been displayed at the 34 Cork Street is Objects of our time done by Michael Craig Martin.

West Bank Gallery


It is put on display on the world’s best street that houses modern and urban art. The London West Bank is found in Notting Hill area that is full of life. The most captivating display to even be put on display at the West Bank Gallery is the Rise of Graffiti Artist. This piece of art provides an exposition of the journey that Adam Klodzinski has undertaken right from child work of painting through the use of spray paintings to the mature portray of fine and intricate work of portraits of famous names. These names include persons such as Rihanna, Florence and Machine, and Dizze Rascal. Adam’s work that featured a mix of photo realism and surrealism was on display for some considerable period of time as well as his famous 3D lettering. Every Saturday, West Bank Gallery holds free workshops for graffiti for all persons regardless of ability. This is in attempt to lure more people to art as well as attracting more customers to the gallery. It has worked in other galleries, and it should be seen to work even here at the West Bank Gallery. There is no racial or ethnic discrimination at the gallery. Everyone is welcome during the free graffiti workshops since they are free for all.




Free art exhibitions and gallery in New York City

New York is such a great city in the United States. It is home to many firsts, and art is not an exception. Are you on the lookout for some free art in New York? They are available! There are a bunch of gratis and shows of works of art in galleries that will not require you to pay not even a cent. You can pop into institutions like the David Zwirner and Pace Gallery, and your pocket will still have some money for transport and lunch in a posh and classy restaurant in the New York City.

“Rift Raft” by Eric Fischl


The latest paintings by Eric Fischl reveals a great cut off between the factual world and the world of art. There is no need of reminding people that this is the main theme of almost every piece of art that Eric Fischl has done. Though the information that the piece of art tries to pt across is somehow blunt, it true even then. The piece of art described here is a clear display of how the people who feel like they have something to say are done by majority.

Jordan Wolfson


Due to the high number of bad-boy art practitioners, it has currently made own genre. Going by the response of the customers that this new development has attracted, it looks like it was a step whose time was long overdue. It replaces the historical painting of the 19th century. The art of bad boy is unique plausibly in that it has the ability of attracting own funding that can cater for spectacles off the chart. A prime example of a developer of bad boy art is Jordan Wolfson. All the boxes of transgressive attitude are checked as well as the willingness to applaud good work that could have been rejected. A piece of art shows a boy dangling by the ropes from the ceiling of a building, and it is programmed to wash the flow below it. Facial recognition software is fitted on the object so as to distinguish between the areas washed and the ones that are not. Dirt marks on the face and the body depict contact between the boy and the floor. Such a piece of work does not necessarily display a bad boy but a vulnerable one since hanging from a thread is not an act of heroism, but an act that need fast acts of mercy.

Kirk mangus


A potter who earned international reputation due to his prowess in development of objects that combined rigorous artistic and imaginative works was Magnus who hailed from Pittsburgh. His quality finishes drew unique glazes and a gamut of techniques. Myriad influence filled his work such that people from all over the world flocked in to his gallery just to have a glimpse of the latest piece of art that he had made. He used to attract Americans, Japanese, and Asians due to his excellent gifting in development of artistic models. His show was a taste of what the world missed in art.





7 Art Fairs Happening in New York in 2016-2017

Many of my blog posts are about going to galleries to see art that was created a long time ago. Sometimes, I highlight newcomers to the scene, but still, I mainly discuss going to see stagnant art that was created by an absent person who you can’t talk to about his or her vision or process or the story behind the art—what inspired it. And that’s okay, especially on days when it’s your only option—and for the majority of the year, that is the case.

To be clear, I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with going to art galleries to view incredible creations. What I’m saying is that there’s another option. That option, friends, is going to an art fair.

Going to see a live art fair is very different from going to a gallery to see art. The atmosphere is different: it’s usually more laid back. Sometimes there’s music. Often times, you even get to meet the artist in person, and sometimes you actually get to see an artist at work.

There are art fairs taking place in New York throughout the year, and you may not even know about them. Here are some of the New York-based art fairs of 2016 and 2017 that you won’t want to miss:


Affordable Art Fair

As its name suggests, this art fair is all about making art accessible to everyone. Works of art will be sold for as little as $100 each. Don’t miss your chance to pick up something for your collection! The fair begins September 28, 2016 and runs through October 2, 2016.

E/AB Editions/Artists’ Books Fair


When most people think of art, they probably think of paintings and sculptures. This unique art fair is a book showcase, featuring contemporary publishers and dealers. The book fair will run November 3 – 6, 2016.

The AIPAD Photography Show New York

This photography show is the longest running fine art photography exhibition of all time. If you’re a lover of photography, don’t miss out: May 30, 2017 – April 2, 2017.

Artexpo New York


This annual four day art show hosts art publishers, artists, and gallery owners from across the globe. It begins on April 21st and ends April 24th, 2017.

Art New York

At this exhibition, the world’s leading contemporarily galleries will give collectors the opportunity to acquire works of art that have never before been available to the public. Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity: May 4 – 7, 2017.



At CONTEXT New York, the holdings of 60 gallery owners will be presented. This wondrous display can be seen May 4 – 7, 2007.

Frieze Art Fair New York

This New York art fair will host a variety of galleries from May 4th, 2017 through May 7th, 2017.

Whether your interests lie in paintings, photographs, books, or elsewhere, you’re sure to find an art fair that interests you. New York’s culture is so rich with art that I still find myself astounded when I am surrounded by so many people who are seekers of beauty, like me. These fairs are a great reminder of the vastness of the world and the exceptional people within it.

When I go to visit a city, any city, I want to get a read on the culture of that city. There’s no better way to understand the artistic culture of a community than by meeting and observing its resident artists. An art fair is the perfect place to make such observations. You may find that you go for the art, but you stay for the people-watching.


Best art events to attend in New York

New York has been host to some of the best and most renowned art exhibitions that have been applauded by all and sundry. In recent years, New York City has been home to excellent artistic expressions by world leaders in art. Artists have in the recent past scrambled for some space in New York City so as to display their works of art, and to tell the world what they are doing. The city still leads in terms of best market for arts, and the impressions made by artists are worth being displayed on the streets of New York City.

Et Atkins


Money and global connectivity have made it possible for contemporary art to achieve homogeneity of spirit, and connectivity in the global arena. A myriad of arts affairs are distinguishable from each other due to the recent developments and advancements that have been experienced in works of art.

Paradoxically though some artists still think in terms of only the country where they hail from. In fact, this is a trait that is notable of the artists that are from the United Kingdom such as Damien Hirst. However, Ed Atkins has led a revolution in art that is expected to bear fruit. Having been a Londoner, Ed Atkins has won the hearts of many a people in the New York City. He has managed to make some starring computer art works that are so impressive and that have earned him fame far and wide from the New York City to London his place of birth. He is an enigma in displaying imagery that literally leads to some suspense of a kind from his fans.

Terence Koh: Bee Chapel


Canada has produced a replica of Naomi Campbell, but this time in the field of art. Terence Koh made a flamboyant first appearance several years ago that made him stand out in an unmatched manner previously. He would however disappear in the year 2014. He made a rubbed painting of the Garden of Eden even though he missed the sign of a snake, but got the display of bees. He is a force to reckon with in art despite his seen disappearance. His creativity lives on.

Philip Guston: The Painter


His, Philip Guston, works influenced countless artists. His works exposed the existence of the painful Vietnam era. The paintings that he did between year 1957 and 1965 were simply legendary. They were really impressive since they presented the period of transition from nominal to abstract paintings. He knew how to bring out smoking in painting in a creative manner. He was able to merge several ages into one piece of work hence communicating volumes of work through the use of a single painting. He never used to bow or to hide his head in the sand in the wake of any social evil. He was instrumental in restoring the morals of the younger generation in his times. His works seem to be the one that cleared the way to the kind of art work that is available today.



Trinity House paintings, London

The paintings done at Trinity House are of international caliber and dealership. The kind of arts that gets space for display at Trinity House is Impressionist, Modern British, 19th Century works, and Post-Impressionist as well as other pieces of exceptional quality. The kind of reputation that Trinity house is impressive since their clients always comes back for more drawings, paintings, and sculptures. Trinity House was founded and put together by Steven Beale. It has since gained the fame of being a formidable force in art in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. Three branches exist in the name of Trinity House. They are found in Cotswolds Village in Broadway, Manhattan in New York City, and Mayfair in London. The three locations provide a basis of operation in Europe and meeting clients in international exhibitions in the United States of America and Europe.


Trinity House also acts as an agent for interior designers, private collectors, and other customers who show interest.

The arts house is also esteemed highly by every customer who visits them as a result of the expert advice that is available as appertains to buying, sourcing, maintaining, and selling works of art. Trinity House is aware that customers are not only interested in paintings and other art works, but they are also desperate for expert advice to help them make informed decisions before making any commitment of buying them. New customers receive a hero’s welcome and treatment at Trinity House. You will always want to be their guest again!

Over the years, Trinity House is credited with hosting some of the most mind blogging works of art ever seen under the sun.


Some of the collections that have crossed the stalls at Trinity House include Hilare German Edgar Degas and head of a woman with gold earrings among a host of many others. Having hosted such famous works of art in their exhibitions and stalls, Trinity House is certainly a formidable force in the world of arts and other handiworks. There has not been a rival house of arts fashion to beat them. Trinity House has set the bar so high such that the rest always fight for position two in works of art since the pole position is not negotiable. Trinity House is certainly a world changer as far as the works of art are concerned.

In order to protect the brand that the management of Trinity House has fought tirelessly to make, the house of arts is associated with famous arts associations that promote the works of art.


Such associations include the British Antique Dealers’ Association (BADA) which holds together all the antique traders in Britain. BADA has set and maintained the standard on which antique business trade. It aims to establish and maintain buoyancy between the public and its members. This acts to ensure customers that any product they buy from a BADA member is tried and tested and cannot disappoint. Trinity House is a member of BADA having been a fierce promoter of quality and integrity in their work as well as unmatched knowledge in art.

Trinity House is also a member of the Association of Art & Antique Dealers (LAPADA) due to their professionalism in dealings with customers as well as adherence to the code of conduct in art.



London art and summer frenzy

The summer season London makes it possible for several things to be done outdoors. In spite of that, several art companies and individuals scramble for the available indoor space so as to have their works displayed in all ways. The artists engage in all this gimmicks so as to try their best to draw the attention of lovers of art and buyers.

Tate Modern


Tate modern had promised that there would be a strong kick off to the season which was to be preceded with a new building being opened followed by three days of extensive art activity. The first night was an open late night which featured curators between the ages of fifteen and twenty five. The curators were encouraged to showcase their art and vision for the future of art. The entire weekend had the staff of the gallery taking visitors round the premises in ten minutes as the visitors enjoyed a close view of the amazing works of art done by an array of artists across London and the entire world.

The catchword for the summer display of works of art was clearly new and full of energy. The winter season usually brings in a season of exaggerated prices whose cause is the trophy works that are on sale during winter as well as the revelations that Panama Papers display about the superrich people in London. However, this trend is swiftly changing so as to accommodate new buyers throughout all seasons even though it seems that the winter season is reserved for the high class and superrich people who have not time to bargain the prices of the displayed works of art. They buy at the displayed price hence enabling the fashion artists to make supernormal profits during the season of winter. No wonder they try to lure lower class people during the summer season so that art is not left only to the distinguished persons in the society. Niche fairs and galleries are certainly inclined to new and low class buyers especially during summer season.



This is in its fourth year since inception, and it has gained fame and praise from all and sundry. Everyone heaps praises on the brain behind art16 since it gathers new artists together as they try to make their way up the ladder in the world of art. It has been trending for a considerable period of time thanks to the excellent customer service and expert advice available every time a new client sets their foot into the Art16 exhibitions. It is located in the Olympia exhibition center in the city of Kensington. It is game changer in the world of art. New artists have really though well since it seems that the top cream artists have no space to motivate the upcoming ones. A way has to be found since time and season will always change in every venture, and art is not an exception.

This year’s exhibitors


The exhibitors that were allowed to display their work this year were pretty much new and international in the name of going global. Valerie Kabov, who is based in Zimbabwe and was instrumental in the founding of the First Floor Gallery in Harare, was allowed to display. This was done so as to show that the upcoming artists also have ability. Having no local market in Harare does not mean that art is not appreciated in Zimbabwe.

image (1)

Best paintings in New York

Artists are creators of words through the use of paintings and other genres of art. An artist may not be able to tell you what they feel, but they can use a simple photo to put across their feeling without the twinkling of an eye. Various countries and cities across the globe have been vocal on promotion of art since it is a means of livelihood for many people. Artists eke out a living from the works of art that they display on various platforms. It is of absolute importance to support them in every way possible through purchasing what they make, and sometimes offering them platforms so that they could get a better global view. New York is a city that has lived up to the expectations of artists. The city has held innumerable exhibitions as well as putting together previous works of art so as to give the upcoming artists ideas on where to start.

Such a platform in New York is the the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum whose design was done by the legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Among the best paintings to watch out for should you visit the museum is:

Édouard Manet, Before the Mirror, 1876


The work that Édouard Manet is exceptional especially the fluid brushwork and coherent shade. He was a close student of Spanish painters such as Goya. It is only later in his work that he displays brighter palettes. A provocateur he was. His work was aimed at toppling conventional works of history through bringing in obstreperous orientations to the modern-day way of life. He was such an enigma in art. The work of a lady of the evening admiring her curvaceous body before setting out for ‘business’ brings to mind the theme that was explored by other artists such as Rubens, and Titian.

Dining on the Garden by Pierre Bonnard


The man who was the odd man in the 20th century was none other than Pierre Bonard. His work was considered by many as a throwback to ancient artistic impressions even though he was a contemporary make of Picasso the great. His canvasses were mostly annotated drawings made from small pieces of paper that had been hastily scribbled upon. There are no many notes that tell to his early works since his works was preordained to unravel a subject in life as he serenely sat on his work station. The piece of work under description here was intended to show his wife on the dining table. He dearly loved his wife before his untimely death in 1947. He used to bring out a subject in such a lush and vibrant manner that he was an icon to his fans.

Woman with yellow hair by Pablo Picasso


Marie Therese Walter was the subject of this art work. Picasso met Maria in 1927, and at that time she was a gorgeous teenager of 17 years. Picasso was a 45 year old man with stable family. Maria would later become his mistress and she modeled in many of his works in the decade that followed. Picasso was used to depicting Maria as she slept since he told himself that Maria was in her most intimate and vulnerable state as she slept.





Great New York Artists

A revolution in the world of arts is in the offing in New York City. A new crop of artists is taking charge, and they have the world as their platform. They have been behind the seasoned persons in art and they now believe it is time to take the world by a storm starting from New York City. The people who have been in the field of art have been undergoing untold anxiety since they need to up their game lest the new crop of artists takes all the credit to themselves. It is not only in New York even though we shall see some of the great names that have taken the city by a storm as far as art is concerned.

Kehinde Wiley


He is a painter and a sculptor aged 38 years. He is a force to reckon with in his specialization. He knows his work to the finer details. He was born in LA, Galaxy and he is currently based in New York City. He makes gallant portraits of people ranging from hip hop starts to the common people that he interacts with on the streets. He specializes in usage of old masters techniques to make his exquisite works. His works steal the show every time they are on display from Fox TV to other major platforms in the world. His work is currently being displayed at the famous Brooklyn Museum, and a notable figure to have interacted with Wiley’s work is Michael Jackson. He shines light to the many people who have economically challenged regions through his works of art.

Hank Willis Thomas


He is a multimedia artist aged 39 years. He has already won an award to his name due to his unending ability to create and innovate. He won the influential International Center of Photography, and this earned him an appointment to the renowned New York City Public Design Commission. This appointment was orchestrated by Mayor Bill de Blasio. One of his famous work of art has been on display in Chelsea at Jack Shainman Gallery, and it has been bought by hundreds of institutions that include the Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art among others.

Thomas’ main source was inspiration was his parents who have scooped awards in art. His parents taught him to live freely and not to be intimidated by the world. They put the onus on him to chart his own path in life, and he was right to choose art. He has never been disappointed by his choice.

Terestia Fernandez

Artist Teresita Fernandez and her team are installing her show, 'As Above So Below,' at Mass MoCA in North Adams. The show will open over Memorial Day Weekend. Friday, May 16, 2014. Stephanie Zollshan / Berkshire Eagle Staff /

She is an installation artist cum a sculptor. Opulence and stunning works are credited to this lady in art. She is simply an iron lady in art. She has beaten many to the game, and does not relent in her game. She had a solo exhibition that was displayed in Mass MoCA show as well as the new outdoor event that was shown in Madison Square Park. To her name, she has both MacArthur and Guggenheim Fellowships. She was President Obama’s appointee to serve in the US Commission of Fine Arts, and she completed her assignment in 2014 from 2011.


Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Art to See in London/New York

With London being the capital of England, it has no choice but to showcase the newest trends, fashion, food, and arts. The same goes for New York. The two cities unite together like sisters to show off some of the greatest art to ever be created. When it comes to art exhibits, London and New York’s art galleries never bring anything but the best. These are two spots where you can find some the world’s most beautiful paintings, sculptures, classic and modern buildings, and more. Let’s check out some of these beauties.

Raymond Pettibon


Out of the ordinary

Although far from the elegant and graceful types of paintings that leave audiences speechless, his gallery greatly exhibits art that is a bit out of the ordinary. Most of us know that Raymond Pettibon was the bass player for the legendary Black Flag. So we can see why Mr. Pettibon delivers nothing more than the extraordinary in his unusual showcase of rage-filled drawings, x-rated illustrations, and sketchy video art. His style in using India ink sends his fans a vivid message. As a New York resident, his viewers are always shocked as his exhibits bring them into a sort of twilight-zone-version of America and many other places around the world.

Here are some of the selections to see when you need some flair in your life:

  • Art of Punk
  • No Title Play Ball
  • No Title Talking to Myself
  • No Title Thinking of You

Tate Britain

tate britain millbank entrance_0

Drapery of Wings

Some of the weirdest things can be most the dazzling to your eyes. Found at the Tate Britain museum is a costume dress that is made up entirely of insect wings. It was first seen on actress Ellen Terry when she played the role of Lady Macbeth in 1880s. As the fifth actress in England to play this part since the great Shakespeare wrote it, Ms. Terry does plenty more than dazzle in this nearly flawless creation. After the dress’s appearance at Chelsea Studios in 1889, it has been on display at the Tate Britain Museum following the actress’s death in 1928. Tate Britain is one of those most famous museums to visit in London. When you visit Tate Britain, do not forget to snap a picture of this stunning piece of art.

Fisher Landau Center for Art

With over twenty-five thousand square feet to show off in an old parachute harness building, this museum is a spectacular place to find more of a modern touch. This construction is named after Emily Fisher Landau as she presented her drawings with several others of her peers. Although these projects still fall under the category of unusual, these collections of paintings can be very well known as they showcase some of the birthplaces of now established artists. The Fisher Landau Center for Art houses the work of Timothy Greenfield, who is most famous for his work, The Women’s List, which casts fifty different portraits of women and film projections. Here listed are many other artists that Ms. Landau has shared with us:

  • Richard Artschwager
  • Neil Jenney
  • Jasper Johns
  • Donald Judd
  • Sherrie Levine
  • Glenn Ligon
  • Agnes Martin
  • Robert Rauschenberg

Other places To See

When it comes to art, London and New York are the best places to see a massive selection of all kinds of artworks. If you are like most, we grow tired of the traditional crafts and arts. So, the next time you are out and about, check out some of these exhibits:

  • The Guy Gorrilla at the National History Museum
  • New York Transit Museum
  • Palace of Pills
  • New York Hall of Science